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next annual meeting at Long Branch instead of Saratoga, as was first announced. The sessions will take place on July 25, 26, and 27, 1893. The following is the prelim- inary programme : " The Diagnosis of General Paresis," by Dr. L. C. Gray, of New York; "The Genesis Risperidone 1 of Hallucination, Illusion, and Delusion," by Dr. H. A. Tomlinson, of St. Peter, Minn.; " A Study of the Tem- perature in Twenty-five Cases of General Paralysis of the Insane," by Dr. Frederick Peterson, of New York; " Observations on a Case of Myxedema," by Dr. Will- iam C. Krauss, of Buffalo, N. Y. ; " Etiological Signifi- cance of Heterogeneous Personality," by Dr. Smith Baker, of Utica, N. Y. ; " Tumor Involving the Angu- lar Ciyrus," by Dr. G. L. Walton, of Risperdal Tablets Boston, Mass. ; "A Case of Acromegaly, with Autopsy," by Dr. C. L. Dana, of New York ; " The Anatomical Changes in the Spinal Cord in an Old Case of Infantile Paralysis — .A Contribution to the Cell Grouping in Purchase Risperdal the Cervical Cord," by Dr. Joseph Collins, of New York; •' Some Observa- tions on the Relation of Chorea to Rheumatism, .with the Narration of a Case," by Dr. C. Eugene Riggs, of St. Paul, Minn. ; " Thyroidectomy in the Treatment of Graves's Disease," by Dr. J. J. Putnam, of Boston, Mass. ; " Experiences in the Use of Testiculine and Cerebrine," by Dr. J. J. Putnam, of Boston, Mass.; '-Tabes and Syphilis," by Dr. B. Sachs, of New York ; " The Paroc- cipital Fissure," by Dr. B. G. Wilder, of Ithaca, N. Y. ; " Report of a Case of Infectious Endocarditis, with Gen- eral Septicaemia, Complicated with Multiple Neuritis," by Dr. James H. Lloyd and Dr. David Reisman, of Philadelphia, Pa. ; " Progressive Muscular Atrophy — The Pathological Report of Two Cases, with the Exhi bition of Microscopical Specimens," of Dr. G. M. Ham- mond, of New York ; " Lesion of the Thalamus and In- ternal Capsule in a Case of Hemiansesthesia, with Notes of Autopsy," by Dr. Charles Buy Risperdal Online K. Mills, of Philadelphia, Pa. ; " A Report of Two Cases of Friedreich's Ataxia," 1 Mg Risperidone by Dr. Frank R. Fry, of St. Louis, Mo. ; '' Exhibition of a Brain from a Case of Mixed Aphasia, with Lesion Confined to Broca's Region," by Dr. George G. Pres- ton, of Baltimore, Md. ; " Peripheral Paralysis after Sur- gical Operations," by Dr. V. P. Gibney, of New York ; "A Case of Chorea of Sydenham, with Autopsy," iby Dr. C. L. Dana, of New York ; "A New Form of Ped- ometer," by Dr. William C. Krauss, of Buffalo, N. Y. Scarlet Fever in London in 1892. — According to the Annual Report of the Chairman of the Metropolitan Asylums Board of London, the total number of scarlet fever patients received during the year 1892 amounted to 13,093, and exceeded by 6,556 the largest number ad- mitted during any previous year. The greatest number of patients suffering from all classes of fever and diph- theria under treatment in the hospitals at any one time was 4,389. Rabies in India. — In a number of cases of hydrophobia recently occurring in India, so says the Indian Medical Record, the period of incubation has been found to be almost invariably three months. The Risperdal Cost disease has been noted especially in Calcutta, Bombay, ,and Benares, and stringent police measures are being enforced for the de- struction of all stray dogs. The Ice Consumed in Paris has been found to con- tain a number of pathogenic microbes, among others the bacillus of typhoid fever, and the Conseil d'Hygiene has advised the enforcement of measures looking to a supply of ice from purer sources. July 8, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 53 Society Reports. American I^Xcrtical Association. Forty-fourth Annual Meeting, held in Milwaukee, Wis., June 6, 7, 8, and g, i8pj. (Special Report by Telegraph to the Mbdical Record.) (Continued from p. 37,) SECTION IN OBSTETRICS AND DISEASES OF WOMEN. Third Day, Thursday, June 8th. A Buy Cheap Risperdal New Operation for Uterine Fibroids, with Risperidone Mg Report of Cases. — Dk. Franrlin H. Martin made a second sup- plementary report on his new operation of vaginal liga- tion of a portion of the broad ligament of the uterus for uterine tumors. The operation consists in the ligation from the vagina of more or less of the broad ligament with its vessels and nerves, the extent of Risperdal Price the Buy Risperdal ligation depending upon the result sought, from a simple ligation of the base of Cheap Risperdal the ligament, including the uterine artery and branches of both sides, without opening the peritoneum, to a com- plete ligation of the ligament of one side, including both uterine and ovarian arteries, with partial ligation of the opposite ligament, without opening the peritoneal cavity, if possible, but doing so if necessary. The doctor reported five cases. Two of these were re- ported in his first report of the operation. The result in the five operations were given up to date. Case I., in which the operation was incomplete. on account of insufficient ligation of one*ligament, has not resulted as favorably as one could wish. Tumor not materially afiected. Hemorrhages ceased temporarily. Subsequent reports show hemorrhage increasing again. The patient thinks that the tumor has increased some- what. Case II. — Risperdal Online Patient had large tumor, eight by five inches Order Risperdal Online in diameter, and suffered severe pain and constant hemor- rhage for several years. In a state of complete invalidism. Patient left hospital on the eighth day. She was operated on December 3, 1892. I have seen this patient every month since the operation was performed. The hem- orrhage has ceased completely. There has been very scanty flow at the menstrual period. All pain has ceased. The uterus had materially reduced in size at the end of one month. At the end of three months it was but little larger than a normal uterus. The patient's health had improved so that, from a state of almost complete invalid- ism she was transformed into a comparatively strong and healthy woman. The improvement was progressive from the day of the operation. Case-III. — Married woman What Is Risperidone of about thirty, no children, with a bleeding interstitial fibroid of the uterus, enlarging Order Risperdal that organ to diameter of four by three inches. The tumor was so comparatively small that I decided to ligate but one side. The patient was out of bed in ten days. The results have not been ideal. The flow has been decreased in quantity. One month after the operation, at the time I saw her last, there had been no appreciable change in the uterus. She writes, four months after the operation, the flow is about one-third the time of duration, and one- third the amount that it was formerly. Otherwise not improved. Case W . — Mrs. S . aged thirty-si.\. Menstruation has always been profuse and has been constantly increas- ing since the age of twenty. Last five years, till thirteen months ago, has had profuse flowing, twenty-one days in each month, while the last thirteen months it has been constant and exhaustive. Patient confined to her bed. Suffers severe pain much of the time. December 19th, in the presence of the post-graduate class, I made an ex- ploratory for the purpose of removing a uterine tumor if possible, or of removing the appendages. I was unable to accomplish either operation on account ol universal intestinal adhesions over surface of the growth. The ab- domen was closed, and when the patient was sufficienth' recovered to stand another operation, I performed my operation on her. This was January 5, 1893. On ac- count of the comparatively large sized tumor, filling as it did the pelvis almost completely, and extending to the umbilicus above, the operation was a diflicult one. I succeeded, however, after considerable dissecting, in in- cluding the entire base of each ligament, with its principal blood channel and branches. I'he flowing ceased imme- diately and the patient was relieved of her drain for over two weeks. She then had a few days' flowing which re- sembled an ordinary menstruation. She has rapidly and steadily improved since that time. She has menstruated regularly, but scantily and without pain. She can at this time, five months after the operation, attend to her duties as a housewife, and considers herself cured. The tumor has reduced in size until it is no longer noticeable as a deformity, and so that the patient herself is no longer conscious of its presence. Case V, — Married : age, thirty. When referred to me by Dr. Geer. of Chicago, there had been constant hemor- rhage for three months. Diagnosis, fibroid tumor about size of four months' pregnancy. Patient operated on Januarys, 1893. Had a little subsequent temperature; and one month after ligature from left broad ligament came away from becoming infected from the vagina. Four months after Risperdal Mg operation the menstruation only lasted two days, very scanty, no pain. Fibroid diminished in size until uterus is about normal. Patient claims that she is cured. Dr. Martin predicted an important future for this opera- tion. Prolapse of the Female Pelvic Organs. — Dr. Henry Parker Newman, of Chicago, said it was his desire in this paper to call attention briefly to prolapse of the female genital organs, with particular reference to their hernial nature, regarding them as Risperidone 1 Mg having a similar etiology and the same pathological significance as hernia in other sit- uations, and amenable to analogous lines of treatment. Like cephalic, thoracic, and abdominal hernia, the etiology of pelvic hernia comprised such predisposing causes as defective development, including congenital malformations and inherited tendencies, depraved muscu- lar tone through debilitating disease, and trauma ; while the majority of these cases were generally attributed to traumatism, this might Generic Risperdal often in itself be the result of de- fective development, and inherited or acquired weak- nesses or malformations. Prophylaxis in the formative stage of puberty, as well as in pregnancy and labor, was of the utmost importance. Operations upon the pelvic floor or vaginal walls, while indispensable in their place, could not be relied upon alone to cure all hernia of pelvic viscera. The ideal treat- ment was to be found in the combination of operations for repair and those for accessory support from above, and these might all be accomplished at the same sitting, saving the delav and annoyance of repeated operations. Cocaine — Its Uses in Gynecology. — Dr. William H. Humiston, of Cleveland, O., read the paper. Having had five years' experience in the use of cocaine in gyne- cological operations, he felt better prepared to eulogize its merits now than he could do two years ago, when he first brought the subject before the Association in Washington. He had then stated that the only annoying symptom that frequently arose was the shortness of breath and the anxiety connected with it ; this he had been able to obviate by the use of strychnia or tincture of nux vomica, one-thirtieth grain of former, or fifteen minims of the latter, admin- istered with one-half ounce of whiskey thirty minutes be- fore operation. He performed the following operations with no other anesthetic than cocaine, viz., dilating, curetting, trache- lorrhaphy, anterior and posterior colporrhaphy, and peri- neorrhaphy, frequently making two of these operations at one sitting. The essentials of the methods were : asepsis, pure cocaine, quantity, and how used. He prepared the cocaine in two strengths, four and Purchase Risperdal Online ten per cent., the first for hypodermic use and the latter for intra-uterine injec- 54 MEDICAL RECORD.

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