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LL.D., of Philadelphia. The details of the organization are set forth Buy Renova Online in the published preliminary announcement of the Congress, copies of which are respectfully sub- mitted herewith, in both English and Spanish, as a part of this report. Since the publication of this preliminary announcement an organization has been effected in Paraguay. Your committee is therefore pleased to Requip Mg state that an organization of the Pan-American Medical Con- gress exists in every State and Territory of the United States,- and in every remaining country and colony of the Americas, including the West Indies and Hawaii. A provision has been adopted since the foregoing publi- cation whereby every medical society — national, colonial, and local — has been made a constituent organization of the Congress. The committee begs Renova Cream leave to report fur- ther that the organization which has been effected as above, and which, by the authority you have conferred upon it, has been and is already very actively engaged in carrying out the practical ends of the Congress. The Senate and House of Representatives at the first session of the last Congress adopted a joint resolution, authoriz- ing the President to extend an invitation to the Govern- ments of the Western Hemisphere to send official dele- gates to the meeting, and to appoint similar delegates on behalf of our own Government. This official invitation has been issued through the Department of State, and all replies so far received have been in the nature of accept- ances. The President has indicated that the Govern- ment of the United States will be represented at the Congress by six delegates. At the last meeting of the Executive Committee of the Congress a resolution was adopted directing that in view of the Columbian Exer- cises in progress in America this year, and in view of the relations which have become intimate between the United States and Spain, that the Government of the latter coun- try be requested to send delegates to the Congress. It was thought that the exceptional relations of amity Buy Requip Online exist- ing between the two countries would warrant a course July S, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 51 which has been avoided with regard to all other Euro- pean countries, out of deference to the interests of the International Congress which is to meet in Rome. The National Congress at its last session appropriated $15,000 for the purposes of entertainment of the meeting. The President of Cost Of Renova the United States has consented to open the Congress in person, and to extend the courtesy of a recep- tion at the White House to delegates and their families. .\ special Renova Prices feature of the Congress will be the proceed- ings of the sections on hygiene, climatology, and demog- raphy, and on marine and hygiene quarantine. The proceedings of these sections will be largely of the nat- ure of a sanitary conference with particular reference to practical questions of public health and of imminent im- portance. With this object in view, every municipality of the three .\mericas, including the West Indies and Hawaii, has been invited to send an official Order Renova delegate, and a very large number of acceptances have already been received. The titles of several hundred papers, accompanied in many instances with abstracts, have already been received from representative medical writers in the English, Latin, French, and Portuguese countries. This, of itself, assures the scientific success of the Con- gress. Invitations have been extended to representative European scientists to be the guests of the Congress, and a number of acceptances have been received. In conclu- sion, your committee begs leave to express its apprecia- tion of the spontaneous response to its appeal for funds in the form of advance registration fees from the public- spirited representatives of our profession in America. Let it be remembered, no registration fees will be accepted from members of the Congress residing outside the United States. Although money has been realized from advanced registrations in amount sufficient to pay some of the preliminary expense of organization, a still larger sum is needed with which to meet accumulated obliga- tions. It should be held in mind that the Congressional appropriation, meagre as it is, will be available only for purposes of entertainment at the time of the meeting, and that the e.xpehse involved in publication, correspond- ence, and clerical work is necessarily very heavy and must be met at once. The members of the profession are therefore again urgently requested to register at once by paying the fee ($10) to the treasurer, Dr. A. M. Owen, Evansville, Ind. Those who thus become members of the Congress, but who may be prevented from attending the meeting, will receive a set of the Transactions, which, of themselves, promise to be worth more than the amount of the registration fee. In submitting this, its final re- port, your committee begs leave to thank the Associa- tion Renova Buy and its executive officers for cordial support, and the medical press for its energetic and efficient aid in pro- moting this earnest movement for the unification of the medical profession of all the Americas. Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee, Charles A. L. Reed, Chairman." Gifts to Harvard Medical School. — Dr. Henry W. Williams, for many years Professor of Buy Requip Ophthalmology in the Medical Department of Harvard University, has prom- ised the medical faculty §25,000 Renova Coupon for the endowment of a full professorship of ophthalmology. The Departments of Physiology and Pathology have received agift of §10,000 from Miss 1-. Ellis. The Medical Department of the Army. — Surgeon- General Sternberg has decided upon the establishment of a school for post-graduate instruction to the newly appointed officers of the Medical Corps of the Army. The course of instniction will be given in the Order Requip Army Med- ical Museum in Washington, and will be of four months' duration. It will be conducted by four of the senior medical officers stationed in the capital. The general order providing for the establishmemt of the army medi- cal school, issued by Adjutant-General Williams, is as follows : By direction of the Secretary of War. upon the recommendation of the Surgeon-General of the Army, an army medical school will be established in the city of Washington for the purpose of instructing approved can- didates for admission to the Medical Corps of the Army in their duties as medical officers. The course of instruc- tion will be for four months, and will be given annually at the Army Medical Museum in Washington City, com- mencing on November ist. Four professors will be se- lected from among the senior medical officers of the army stationed in or near the City of Washington, and as many associate professors as may be required to give ' practical laboratory instruction in the methods of sanitary analy- ses, microscopical technique, clinical microscopy, bac- teriology, urine analysis, etc. The faculty of the Army Medical School will consist of: i. A president of the faculty, who shall be responsible for the discipline of the school, and who will deliver a course of Renova Cost lectures upon the duties of medical officers in war and peace (including property responsibility, examination of recruits, certifi- cates of disability, reports, rights and privileges, customs of service, etc.). 2. A professor of military surgery (in- cluding the care and transportation of wounded). 3. A professor of military hygiene (including practical instruc- tion in Renova Price the examination of air, water, food, and clothing from a sanitary point of view). 4. A professor of clin- ical and sanitary microscopy (including bacteriology and urinology). The Surgeon-General has also determined upon a change in the system of assigning medical officers for duty as attending surgeons to officers and their families in New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco, and St. Louis. The custom heretofore has been to give these details of three or four years to the older medical officers of the army, but it is now in- tended to detail medical officers Vho have only recently attained the rank of captain. The tour of duty will last only one year. By this system the medical officer selected will be enabled to become familiar with the practice of the leading physicians and surgeons in this Cheap Requip country, and to attend medical lectures and meetings of medical soci- eties. The experience and Purchase Renova observation will fit them the better for their second examination, which is required by law before they can be promoted to majorities. The Summer Corps of the Board of Health began work on July 5th. The corps is composed of fifty physicians, each one having charge of a district in which he is ex- pected to visit and inspect every tenement house, report- ing on its sanitary condition, and prescribing for the sick poor who may be unable to pay for medical attendance. An Autograph of Hahnemann.— .\t a recent sale of a large collection of dramatic literature, Americana, etc., in this city, a framed autograph letter, written and signed 52 MEDICAL RECORD. [July 8, 189: by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy, was disposed of The letter was written at Paris, in 1841, when Hahnemann was eighty-five years old, and its sub- ject was an inscription on a tablet which was to be placed on the house in Meissen, where he was born in 1755. ^^ was sold for §20. The French Association for the Advancement of Science will meet this year at Besan<;on, on August 3d, and will continue in session one week. The president of the Association is M. Bouchard. The work of the Asso- ciation is distributed through seventeen sections. A Hospital Ship on the Coast of Labrador. — Buy Renova The Renova Online mission shiji Albert, despatched by the London Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen, for work among the needy and sick fishermen on the coast of Labrador, has arrived at St. John's, N. F. Dr. Grenfell and two other medical men were sent in the ship, as were also two nurses. Two hospitals on the coast have been built by wealthy St. John's merchants, and one of the doctors will be in charge of each. The ship with the other doctor will cruise up and down the coast. The Albert has a steam launch, presented by two English gentlemen, which will be of great use along the coast, and her cargo of supplies, most of it contributed by wealthy English people will be distributed gratuitously among the needy fishermen. The work will close in October. Dr. Benjamin A. Fordyce, of Union Springs, died June 3d, aged seventy years and four months. He had naturally a good constitution, and had always enjoyed excellent health, attending to the duties of his profession until attacked by his last illness, a severe form of typho- malarial fever. He commenced the practice of his pro- fession in 1844, after attending Geneva Medical College. During the Civil War, he was for several years Assistant Surgeon in the One Hundred and Sixtieth Regiment, New York Volunteers. After the war he removed from Venice to Union Springs, where he settled permanently. He was the oldest member of the Cayuga County Medical Society, in respect to years of practice, having joined in 1844. He was at one time president of the New York State Medical Association, and was a member of the Central New York Association of the American Medical Association, and at the time of his death was president of the Cayuga Purchase Requip County Protective Medical Association. He was a High Priest of the Masonic Chapter for sev- eral years. He Price Of Renova enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all who knew him. He married Emeline Slocum, in 1845, His wife and three children survive him. The American Medical Association will hold its next meeting in San Francisco in the spring of 1894. Dr. WUliam H. Broadbent, who attended the Duke of York, during an attack of typhoid fever some time ago, has just been created a baronet by the Queen, in honor of her grandson's wedding. Cholera in France. — There were 704 deaths from cholera in the southern part of France, during the month of June; 138 of which were in Marseilles, 53 in Cette, and 51 in Toulon. The American Neurological Association will hold its

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