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produces a considerable amount of pain and a not incon- siderable number of accidents renova uk or complications. Probably the bichloride is freer from objectionable features in re- spect especially to the production of suppuration than any of the salts of mercury. Dr. White seems to have put an effectual quietus on the fad of treating syphilis by hypodermatic injections. THE MOVEMENT OF THE MEDICAL POPU- LATION OF NEW YORK. "The Medical Register" for 1893-94 contains a list of 2,550 physicians practising in this city, and 3,539 in the State, exclusive of New York and Brooklyn. The lists of previous years, respectively, are as follows for the city and Slate : City. State. 1893-94 2.550 3.539 '892-93 2,435' cost of renova 3 394 1891-92 2,325 3,165 1890-91 2,265 3. 161 1889-90 2,085 3.073 1885-86..: 1,902 2,775 1884-85 1.789 2,685 The New York City list is admittedly not complete, there being about nine hundred other physicians of vari- ous grades and kinds. The figures show an increase of -physicians in this city during the past nine years of 761, and in the State, outside of New York and Brooklyn, of 854. The ratio in this city has been about one hundred more proportionately than in the rest of the State. The population in the past nine years has increased just one- half a million, i.e., from 1,356,958 to 1,827,396. To provide for this half million increase there has been an increase of 761 in the regular physicians, besides a good many others of not sufficient standing to get into the Green Book. This means discount renova one new physician for every 650 new arrivals, and as thousands of new arrivals are poor immigrants, the supply is quite sufficient. On the whole, however, the figures quoted do not show any extraordinary increase in the supply of medical men. The enormous difficulty and labor required to secure a remunerative practice in New York are facts but too well known, and they naturally deter many from undertaking the task. The annual loss by death from the city list is renova price over forty ; the number that move away or give up practice is not known, but in 1889 it was 70; the average buy renova online annual increment over and above losses is 93 ; so that it may be said that between 200 and 250 new practitioners establish themselves in this town annually. We wish them all success. THE BEST PREPARATIONS OF IRON. There is no drug in common use whose preparations are so numerous as are those of iron. Professional reputa- tions and the fortunes of commercial institutions are linked with one price of renova or other of these. An interesting buy renova cream story could be told of the " fashion in iron " or " ferric fads." The popularity of Bland's pills came in with Niemeyer's. text-book, and this preparation held sway for a long time. It is still in good repute. Dialyzed iron was for several years considered a most potent and palatable promoter of corpuscular richness ; the albuminates, the malates, po- mates, formates, and peptonates have all been warmly recommended. The Flint tablet, the syrup, various modified tinctures and essences have been the vogue for a longer or shorter time. If one were to apply the rule which generally holds in therapeutics, viz., that when many remedies are warmly recommended for the same malady all are equally good or bad, we should have to conclude that iron was always iron, and that the kind of preparation employed made little difference. With the proper instruments of precision, however, we can at the present time make a surer diagnosis and watch more closely the effects of remedies. Dr. Andrew Smart, of Edinburgh, has brought such methods into use in study- ing the value of the different iron salts ( renova purchase The Lancet, Feb- ruary 25, 1893), and he has reached some conclusions which ought to possess more than ordinary value. Dr. Smart's first conclusion is a somewhat surprising one. It is to the effect that of renova canada all the preparations of iron the sulphate is the best. This applies not only to cases of ansmia, but also to those of chlorosis. In atonic dyspepsia with deficiency of hydrochloric acid ten or fif- teen drops of this acid should be given before each meal, and the iron after it. In cases with acid dyspepsia with pyrosis, on the other hand, bicarbonate of soda should be given before eating. Next to the sulphate, preparatiojis of the carbonate of iron were most successful given in doses of twenty or thirty grains of the saccharated powder thrice daily. Third on the list stands the syrup of the protochloride. A drachm of this preparation contains seven grains where can i buy renova of the salt. It is not tolerated by the stomach as well as the sulphate or carbonate. The phosphate and protoxide were somewhat uncertain in their action. Arsenic, when given alone, did not seem to have any appreciable effect on the ansemia, but combined with the sulphate of iron it increased the activity of the latter drug. In pernicious anaemia, however, this statement does not hold good, since here arsenic distinctly increases the rich- ness of the blood in corpuscular elements. THE REPORT ON THE REVISION OF THE CODE. The Committee on the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association presented a majority and minority report, on neither of which was action taken. The ma- jority report advised leaving out from the Code that part which deals with the obligations of the public to physi- cians ; it recommends that physicians be permitted to patent mechanical devices and to consult with all legal- ized practitioners. It expresses its belief in the need of a Code, and it defines very casuistically the nature of a consultation. The minority report takes more conservative ground and recommends that the Code stand, practically, as it is. We doubt if any good will come from continuing to discuss these questions. We prefer to teach the gospel of righteousness and let the details be determined by the individual conscience. The individual conscience, we may add, is setting strongly toward consulting with all qualified practitioners who enjoy a reputation for honesty among their fellow-men. 5° MEDICAL RECORD. [July S, 1893 ^ems of tixe 'Witzh. Does the Kidney Move ? — Mr. Henry Norris, in a lecture on " Some Changes in Surgical Opinion, Regard- ing Diseases of Urinary Organs," says : '' Floating or movable kidney is an entity about which the most divergent views have been and still are held. A few years ago it was gravely asserted by a distinguished surgeon that movable kidney was a myth ; that it was a thing renova prices of no pathological significance ; that the literature of the subject was based not on post-mortem experience but on clinical impressions which were fallacious ; that the cases of supposed mobile kidney were in reality tu- mors of other organs — /-.g., the gall-bladder, ovarian cystomata, and diseases of the head of the pancreas ; that in the few cases of mobile kidney recorded as having been observed at post-mortem examinations the condi- tion had not been suspected during life ; and that a right- eous scepticism ought to be entertained as to movable kidney being the cause of real suffering. Somewhat sim- ilar doubts were suggested, if not actually expressed, at a renova online recent meeting of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical So- ciety, when Mr. Bruce Clarke cheap renova read a paper on ' Acute Renal Dislocation.' Two of the speakers referred to the rarity of movable kidney in the post-mortem room, and oije stated renova cream that though he had made four thousand post- mortem examinations he could remember but two cases of movable kidney. A third speaker, who has contrib- uted to our knowledge of actual cases of the sort, at- tached but little importance to the clinical effects of movable kidney, for he said : ' Women who are the subjects of this condition suffer from a little occasional dragging pain in the side, but otherwise usually have no symptoms.' Many, too, consider that the wearing of a belt is all that is requisite to relieve what little inconven- ience is caused, that nephrorrhaphy ought not to be per- formed, and never succeeds ; and lately it has been prognosticated that in a few years we must expect to hear of renal calculi having developed upon the sutures used to transfix the kidney in this operation. " On the other hand, the opinion is held that movable kidney is an order renova every-day experience in practice, that a very large minority of women are thus constituted, and that it is by no means uncommon in men. I hear of patients being told on no account to submit to nephrorrhaphy — firstly, because it is very dangerous, and, secondly, be- cause it is unnecessary for a condition with which twenty per cent, of the human race renova coupon pass through life. In 1SS8, Dr. Lindner, a German physician, brought out a work on the ' Anatomy, Etiology, and Diagnosis of Floating Kid- ney in Women,' in which he boldly declares that this condition is the most frequent anomaly in the female, that one woman out of every five or six is the subject of it, and that he is prepared to face the most violent op- position in support of his assertions. Laudau, Skorezew- .sky, Roberts, Newman, and many others might be ([uoted as authorities on the question of movable kidney. Surely on a matter of fact of this kind it is time that the professional mind arrived at a definite and decisive con- clusion. There is abundant evidence existing in support of it, and for the last two hundred years at least, authori- ties of the highest repute have recorded well-authenti- cated cases, while the report of the committee of the Pathological Society of London, purchase renova online in 1876, ought to have placed the matter beyond dispute." Doing Away with the Communion Cup. — A Method- ist church, in Ohio, has voted to substitute for the sacra- mental cup used at communion, a sufficient number of individual glasses. Physicians Stand by Each Other. — Staten Island seems to be a place where brotherly love reigns. Some time ago the physicians of the Smith Infirmary at New Brighton resigned on account of the action of the trus- tees. Recently the trustees have offered to reinstate three out of the five visiting physicians ; the offer was declined because it did not include all of their number. Pan-American Medical buy renova Congress. — The following is the full text of the report of the Committee on Perma- nent Organization of the Pan American renova cost Medical Con- gress to the American Medical Association, Milwaukee, Wis., June 6, 1893; "Your committee appointed at Washington to effect a permanent organization of an in- ter-continental American Medical Congress, begs leave to submit its final report as follows : An organization has been effected under the style and title of the Pan-Ameri- can Medical Congress, to be held at the City of Wash- ington, D. C, September 5, 6, 7, and 8, a.d. 1893, under the Presidency of Professor William Pepper, M.D.,

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