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pound is the only safe remedy for lung, kidney, or brain more elaborate in his treatise, and quotes from Crato, diseases. And these drugs do not pass into innoxious de- Baubin, Jordan, Liba\ius, Crollius, and others, now no sijetude — they are all used somewhere. longer obtainable, as I am told by librarians whom I have Whoever has had the curiosity to read the minor medi- consulted, cal journals, that he might know what is going on in the In his fifth book, Zoology, he treats of that " Part under world, must have been struck with order prednisone the therapeutic of Pharmacy that shews what Medicines are to be taken greed of the writers — practical fellows who go scrambling from Animals," and he gives, with anxious concern, ex- crab wise over pathology to seize proprietary mixtures plicit directions for the choice of animals that " have no which are labelled to cure all the ills under the evil diseased dispositions," and orders that they shall be planets. The quacks grown purchase prednisone online wary, having been beaten killed by external violence, to the end that " the medi- off the field by the tremendous reinforcements in the med- camental substances of evervthing fit to act, shall be with- ical ranks, return to vend their wares to the physicians out diseases, and full of wholesome tinctures." themselves. For the relief of impotence in the man, or sterility in I have searched a large number of the pamphlets and women, he recommends the testes of the boar, and quotes medical journals of all cla,sses, during the past three months. Schwenkenfield as an authority for the use of the same so that I might note the therapeutical extremes in this glands from the stag, for a similar jjurpose. For disease quarter of the latest years of the closing century. Brown- of the liver, he urges the use of the liver of the calf, the S^quard and his disciples are patiently engaged in the in- hare, the wolf, and the fox. The spleen of the calf and jections of organic liquids He is not rejuvenating oc- of the fox, he asserts, will cure diseases of the spleen, and togenarians, with spermatin, so frequently and success- lung diseases are benefited by medicines made from the fully as at the first blush, in 1889, but he records here lungs of the fox. Drachm doses of the powder of wolf's 36 MEDICAL RECORD, [July 8, 1893 intestines would cure colics. purchase prednisone The dried uterus of the hare, "taken after the terms, would help conception." For weakness of the bladder, he directs a sheep's or goat's bladder to be calcined and given. And in the first and second books of his Dispensatory he gives at great length the methods to be employed in preparing these animal drugs for exhibition. l!ut more daring than our modern therapeutists, he deals with the body of man himself, as being so much good material for medicine that it should not be wasted on a final resurrection, but should be raised up in the liv- ing bodies of those generic prednisone who languish. The physicians of the day employed in their practice the following parts and excrements of the living body of man : the hair, nails, saliva, perspiration, milk, secundines, spermatic buy prednisone fluid, and things unmentionable. And from the dead body, prednisone online the flesh, the skin, the oil, the bones, the bram, gall, and heart. The hair was said to breed hair, and a distilled liquor was made thereof, with honey, for the purpose. The sweat, seeing that it exuded from the glands, was good against scrofula. The secundines, calci .ed, order prednisone online and given in southernwood water, cast out moles and children dead. From the semen was made a magnetic mummy to cause love, and, as Schroeder cjuaintly puts it, " Paracelsus makes his little man thereof." The blood was drunk hot, as a cure for epilepsy. Applied to nose or skin it stopped hemorrhages. An oil extracted from it cured con- sumptions. A balsam was made of it to cure the gout. Dried gently and impregnated with spirit of lemons or vitriol, and made into troches with myrrh, it cured car. buncles. The brain of a young man under twenty-four, who had died of violence, was taken by the chemist, with all its membranes, arteries, veins, and nerves, and prednisone price beaten in a mortar ; to this was added the water of tile flowers, piony, bettony, black cherries, lavender, lily-convols, until it was covered four inches. After standing prednisone mg awhile it was distilled, and became " a brave antileptick." Salt added to the brain, and the whole distilled in a glass retort in the sand, was used to strengthen the living brain. He tells us, "if we would have more medicines made from man, we should read the particular Tractate of Becker, in Quarto." But Dr. Shoemaker, of Philadelphia, less aspiring, could, if he would, cure anything with kola-nut. Kola- nut, chemically considered, contains about 2.3 per cent, of an alkaloid analogous to theine or caffeine : 0.023 P^r cent, of theobromine ; together with trifling amounts of tannic acid, sugar, albumin, cellulose, starch, fat, and fixed salts. Mild enough ; but with this Shoemaker had excellent results in migraine, the acute pain soon subsiding; the vomiting was relieved, and the patient en- tered upon a convalescence slow as usual — but more rapid than he had expected. (Now. migraine naturally takes an increasing course until vomiting occurs, shortly after which the patient is relieved, and usually buy cheap prednisone falls into a sleep from which he awakes free from the headache.) In the case of a girl, aged sixteen, whose condition was due to excessive school tasks, in a hot, ill ventilated room, without out-door exercise, kola brought about an en- tire change. Under its use, and withdrawal from school, she soon regained a good appetite, her headache left, and she became able to sleep at night, and, as he delicately puts it, " she now has the courage to pass a certain por- tion of every day in the open air." (.\11 of which would have occurred on the girl's withdrawal from school, if the kola-nut had been still in Africa.) But he did not pause after these triumjjhs ; he got good results from kola- nut in melancholia, neuralgia, ulnar neuritis, spurious locomotor ataxia, gastro-intestinal irritability, irregular heart, tuberculosis, dyspepsia, gastro-enteritis. renal irri- tation — in fact he had a whole Philadelphia drugstore in a kolanut 1 He even cured boils with it, after he had first evacuated the pus I If I have done this unconscious humorist wrong, I can but recommend kola to his atten- tion. A sturdier faith never prompted any prednisone 20mg man to hug the iron that wounded him than appears in Dr. J. S. Whit more, of Metamora, 111., who for the cure of a cerebral rheumatism took black cohosh, iron, quinine, strychnia, and iodide of potash every four hours, together with phosphate of soda and tincture of digitalis every six hours. In one month he had taken one hundred and eighty drachms of cohosh, three grains of strychnia, one hundred and eighty grains of c|uinine, three drachms of iron, nearly two pounds of the phosphate of soda, besides his digitalis and iodide of potash. He then went to bed and changed his drug diet to ergot, gelsemium, hyoscya- mus. and citrate of potash. At the end of ten days, having got no relief, he was put on extract of manaca, citrate of potash, strychnia, quinine, iron, and cactus. Being no better at the end of fifteen days, ergot was added, and citrate of lithium. In two weeks more he was convalescent, and at last accounts he was tapering off on iron, strychnia, quinine, and hydrodic acid. Here, evidently, was a man who had nursed himself on poisons from his infancy, and in his cheerful old age he could have lain down among vipers and have defied the Borgias. I might quote largely from minor sources — of the New York young man who gives buy prednisone online continued doses of citrate prednisone 10mg of potash, prednisone cost sweet spirits of nitre, acetate of ammonia, and infusion of digitalis to a man who has not urinated for ten days. At length, under the advice of a consultant, he introduces a catheter for the first time, and discovers that there is no secretion. Of the Chicago practitioner who gives a lady, for follicular tonsillitis, within one hour, ten droiis of tincture of belladonna, three drops of tincture of cheap prednisone aconite, and two five-grain doses of antipyrin, and when the patient, in alarm, tells him that she is morbidly sus- ceptible to the influence of quinine, and begs that that shall not be given too, " he sweetly and without passion," as Ambrose Pare would say, orders a dose of it for the morning. Hastily summoned at 8 a.m., he as hastily concludes that the belladonna rash has been caused by his one grain of quinine. For no apparent reason, except that "he must dose her with something, he now gives her ten drops of tincture of nux vomica, and goes home to exploit his feat in a medical journal. But I shall refrain from further illustration, only observing that this sort of dosing is going on on all sides of us. For from times immemorial men have believed in some preternatural power in drugs ; even the occult sciences have been invoked to assist in clouding any process of reasoning on their qualities. Every this or that was under the dominion of some planet, which infused into it the virtues or vices of the heathen god under which it flourished. But whatever the drug might be, it had its inevitable rise and decline. As thus, from Culpepper. 1653, of the Amara Dulcis. " It is under the planet Mercury, and a notable herb of his also, if it be rightly gathered under his influence. It is e.xcellently good to remove witchcraft both in men and beasts, as also all sud- den diseases whatsoever. Being tied round about the neck, it is one of the most admirable remedies for vertigo or dizziness in the head ; and that is the reason (as Tragus saith), the people of Germany commonly hang it about their cattle's necks, when they fear any such evil hath betided them. Take notice, it is a mercurial herb, and therefore of very subtile parts, as indeed all mercurial herbs are." As far on as 1815, I find records of the e.'- teem in which therapeutists held the amara dulcis. It would " remove felons, open obstructions of the liver and spleen, help difficult breathing, bruises and falls, and re move congealed blood in any part of the body, besides being useful in yellow jaundice, black jaundice, and dropsy." At the close of the nineteenth century we are too en- nuied to smile at the myths of ancient theology, and the god Mercury has lost his grip on the dulcamara, but it is still recorded in our therapeutics as a remedy " for cu- taneous eruptions, for chronic muscular rheumatism, chronic bronchitis, whooping-cough, and other chronic July 8, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. Zl pulmonary affections ; but," it is added, '' it mutt be long continued to produce curative effects." Many patient drug-swallowers must have believed themselves in process of time to have been cured by this drug of their chronic invalidism, to the sedate gratification of the long-winded physicians who prescribed it. But note you, in the sev- enteenth prednisone tablets and eighteenth centuries it cured sudden dis- eases, while for seventy-five years back it has only been good lor chronic diseases, and now it is rarely given, so low has its popularity waned. And in recent years. Dr. John Harley laboriously experimented upon man with its expressed juice and tinctures, in small doses and in large, without any appreciable physiological effect what- ever. Would that as much could be said of many another drug that is wont to be used in season and out of season, for some of them in unguarded hands exert as desperate effects as the diseases they are reported to cure. The largely increased use and long continuance of ergot in uterine disorders, must bring about its physiological effect in time. .\ lady who came under my care had taken the fluid extract in drachm doses on certain days in each month, for two or three years, under the advice of a phy- sician in a neighboring city, until she at length had feeble digestion, impaired vision, menorrhagia, increasing lan- guor, slow pulse and respiration, and an abnormally low temperature. When the drug was prohibited she gradu- ally recovered, during as many years, from its deplorable effects. How many physicians know anything of the natural course of most diseases, except by hearsay ? How many have had the courage to observe for themselves, while sternly combating the seductive opportunity of prescrib- ing a variety of unnecessary medicines ? Most diseases, as they are met in practice, are so overlaid, disguised, and their symptoms colored and mingled with the effects of drugs that have been administered, that only a mon- grel type is known to the profession. The skilled and philosophical consultant views the case askant until he ini[uires what drugs have been prescribed. Quinine, though fallen from its high estate and pass- ing into the hands of the laity as an universal panacea, is still given frequently by the profession for a variety of disorders. It is given promptly, largely, and even hys- terically, in congestive intermittents, but its physiologi- cal effect is to cause the face to become suffused, the pupils dilated, the pulse accelerated, with coma and ster-

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