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leave and go to the coast of some other Bohemia, they make a dizzy change from drug to drug, but the demon of disease looks out and leers at them. He will not be propitiated, or poisoned in his keep. To have perfection in the child, says Holmes, we must begin with his grandfather, and in morals no man expects that a clergyman hastily called in, will, by some hocus pocus, make saint of one who, long a sinnet, has at length committed some atrocious crime. The mills of God grind slowly — and human laws are inexorable too. The transgressor finds to his cost that he must en- dure many fluctuations of hope, many fines and penalties, for the delays of the law are proverbial. There are, it is true, many ephemeral laws, such as have scourged us at Trenton, since booted and spurred the jockeys have rid- den the State till the galled jade winces ; but the Supreme Court has remedied these right speedily ; and so there are ephemeral diseases that Nature will right, and which must succumb of themselves. And without cavil it is in the self-limited diseases that the incessant therapeutist has won his most signal tri- umphs. Like the fox in the fable, he has a thousand tricks by which he can baffle the acute assaults of la grippe, pleuritis, bronchitis, asthma, pertussis, endocar- Felodipine Amlodipine ditis, dysentery, chorea, rul)eola, dengue, and acute rheu- matism — for these are diseases whose tendency is to re- covery. But he is less brilliant when pitted against croupous pneumonia, laryngitis, croup, oedema of the glottis, angina pectoris, acute gastritis, cholera, ]jerito- nitis, hepatitis, Generic Plendil apoplexy, meningitis, tetanus, typhus fever, yellow fever, small-pox, and diphtheria, for these are dangerous diseases. He is restless and feels the prescience of defeat, though still dosing the adversary largely, when it comes to a con- flict with the chronic diseases, such as general paralysis, paralysis agitans, phthisis, Amlodipine Felodipine epilepsy, progressive locomotor ataxia, and Bright's di.sease. And he is obliged to sit down to a regular siege before all the diseases which, though acute at first, have become chronic in spite of all his drugs. For disasters like these he has numberless ex- cuses, as that the patient was Felodipine 5 Mg already debilitated, he contracted a cold, there were complications, an unman- ageable diathesis was awakened 1 And then come the incurable diseases, such as gastric ulcer, carcinoma, cir rhosis of the liver, acute atrophy of the liver, and chronic diffuse nephritis. In the presence of these, the most in- veterate dispenser of drugs, seeing the death-warrant, patent to all eyes but his who must suffer and endure, must stand humbled amid his pots and vials. He must, else, pour his libations in vain. And is it not singular that drugs should be esteemed so powerful in the acute, self-limited diseases, and yet in the chronic types, where the opportunities for their po- Plendil Mg tency is so prolonged, they should fail so signally ! As knowledge accumulates, this or that drug of the fathers, which was wont to be so irresistible in fever, in imposthumes, or what not, is laid upon the shelf. We now know and can demonstrate that it was utterly use- less ; and yet the patient often got well 1 Every physician who has been spared to a great age can look back upon pharmacies ever changing. On the Ariel-wings of mem- ory Plendil Online he can glance into a thousand sick-rooms, and sniff the odors of drugs no longer known. They had their day and the fashion changed. Men couldn't be soundly cured without calomel once, and veratrum viride was a later triumph. Cod liver oil was once the Utopian remedy for phthisis. And it is as- tonishing how an enthusiastic therapeutist can always find the improvement his horoscope has forecast. But in fact he is only the antipode of the specialist, who is never known to examine a subject who has not something wrong in his line of business. Dr. Wood, in the fourth edition of his "Practice of Medicine," 1S55, gives what may be taken as the average view of Plendil Tablets the Buy Cheap Plendil physicians of the day, in regard to the benefits of cod-liver oil in phthisis, for the old professor was never rash ; but we shall find that his opinion was tinted by the prevailing sentiment. " It does not act as a specific," says he, "and is wholly in- capable of producing, by any direct influence of its own, the removal of the deposited tuberculous matter. But it invigorates digestion, improves the character of the blood, and by a peculiar power modifies the nutritive process, so as to obviate in a greater or less degree the tendency to the deposition of tuberculous matter." Now, I question whether it is the experience of any scrutinizing physician to-day that cod-liver oil invigorates digestion ; if it did, it would be the remedy par excel- lence, for the natural history of the disease in question shows that the fatal result is at length brought about by the gradual undermining and impairment of the appetite and digestion, which, once destroyed, the whole fabric collapses. And of all Animal substances given to a man, we shall find the ingestion of fats furnishes the most seri- ous problem for the functional processes of the stomach and intestines. Now, long before J. Hughes Bennett voiced the popular impression that the origin of phthisis is due to defective fat digestion it was the unwritten law that strumous indigestion and the indigestion of fats were Buy Plendil Online synonymous terms. And not even a knight-errant in medicine would now deny the connection of the in- digestion of fats with the strumous diathesis. The healthy stomach that has not been appalled by sweets and sours, and fats and leans, hot fluids and ices, dry wines and sparkling, and all the menu of a modern dinner of state, may also digest cod-liver oil mixed with ordinary food ; but, if more than a moderate amount is added, the diges- tion becomes deranged with all the hideous symptoms dyspeptics are so fond of confiding. \Vhat then of the stomach already far gone? Would you load astaggenng porter with a few pounds more, every time he faltered past you, on the theory that it would improve his strength ? When I was a student in the University and hospitals of Philadelphia, solutions and syrups of bromide of potas- sium were the popular tipple for all sorts of diseases, and quinine became the universal panacea for the laity just as it was losing ground with the profession ; but the coal-tar derivatives are pushing all others to the wall. The chem- ists would seem to have gone mad in their laboratories, and to have a])plied the match to a new system of fire- works, so bewildering are their nimble coruscations of saccharine, pyrolin, hydroxylamine, methacetin, thallin, and exalgin. But the sparks die out as suddenly as they astonished, and many of them are already forgotten. When it comes to this, that most of the self-limited dis- eases will get well without drugs ; that some of the acute diseases with unfavorable complications got well in the previous generation, and in the centuries gone, under the prescription of drugs now known either to have been inert, or misapplied; and when we recognize the fact that within five years the medical journals teemed with the encomiums of new drugs which are already superseded by others which, in their turn, are getting a little passe, the confused physician may well exclaim with the dazed political vivant, " Where am I at ! " He might feel his faith seriously shaken when he recalled how sadly he had been duped by the old pharmacologists, and the organic chemists of the hour. When we regard the fact that the earth everywhere, unless depojiulated by merciless greed, is teeming with animal life in the highest state of perfection, Cheap Plendil which has been evolved from parent to parent through unmeasured aeons, and that in his savage state man himself, until cor- rupted by his civilized congener, has been found to be of fascinating feature and vigor, we must admit that drugs have not been necessary to perpetuate and strengthen the races. And when we reflect that, though the complex forces of civilization have induced a variety of diseases, many of them are preventable, and many of them self- limited, and therefore to be got rid of without drugs, and that the chronic forms of disease resist drugs, and that upon the whole the bills of mortality have not been less- ened by them, we must conclude that our profession has July 8, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 35 given altogether too much prominence to the apothe- and there, in a dreary waste of experiments, that extract of cary's art, and raised expectations in the minds of Order Plendil Online the ill the thyroid gland injected into somebody with myxoede- which cannot be realized. Further, it has set upon ma, has metamorphosed the patient. Constantin Paul them hordes of charlatans, which, like evil birds, fatten and Professor Babes are transfusing extract of the gray upon human miseries. matter for neurasthenia. Injections of the extract of pan- It is time that we should reform ourselves and convince creas are being tried for diabetes In diseases of the the public that there are higher potencies than the thera- heart, injections have been made with the extract of car- peutical superstitions that we have dealt out to them. diac muscle. Dieulafoy has tried injections of extract We detest and execrate the priesthood for driving a of kidney on a man affected with urremia. Dr. Paul Gib- shrewd trade with the bones, and relics, and other useless ier kindly announces through a contributor in his own lumber of the saints, Felodipine 5mg but we have unconsciously set up a journal that he has tried extract of cat muscle in cases barter of a like kind, and need to have our temple of progressive muscular atrojjhy, after failure with other scourged of the money changers too. methods, and gracefully adds that, "he will probably I am aware that it will be urged that the average phy- report later on this subject." sician of to-day is much more wary in the use of drugs. Dr. William H. Hammond, with fine insistence, ap- and that upon the whole smaller doses prevail, and propriates all, except the hint from Brown-Sequard, of greater discrimination is exercised. I have heard, too, this fantastic pharmacology. He has made alkaloids that the world has grown better, wars less numerous, man of the different organs and portions of the ox, and more concerned in raising his neighbor than in raising proposes to do away with all Purchase Plendil other drugs, and cure and himself upon his neighbor. But I note that the sentinels renew like with like, giving an eye for an eye, and a of old empires grimly regard each other across the bor- tooth for a tooth, like the Hebrews of old, while he opens ders, that Justice Felodipine Er in the South is not only blindfolded, but up new fields to the apothecaries beyond the dreams of has her hands tied willingly behind her back, that the avarice. The medicine will come dear, but so all things saloon domineers our politics, that the shadow of the do in art, and it is the simplicity and ready applicability Buy Plendil prison falls across the threshold of the temple. And I of the remedies that must recommend them. Dr. Ham- know that in 1889, there were imported into this country mond questions whether, among all the teeming brains §13,186,290 worth of drugs used in medicine, and that that have swelled and broken on the shores of time, such the succeeding years have not shown a less amount. I a solution of the vexed question of therapeutics has ever know, too, that there has been no inverse ratio existing presented itself, though dimly conscious that he may have between pharmacists and physiciansi heard of some old German who speculated on the proba- In an e.ssay on this topic in 18S9, I showed from the Plendil Price ble results of giving a liver diet to men diseased in the ■'Statistics of Commerce and Navigation of the United liver. States, for the Year ending June 30th," the gross amount, What pain it is to a great inventor to find that his in pounds, of the chief drugs used in practice, which were speculations were distilling long ago in the Order Plendil alembic of imported to that date. I have just received from the Sec- another's brain I And yet so active have been men's retary of the Treasury the volume containing the statis- minds that there are few things said, done, or con- tics of the importations for the year ending June 30. jectured. but that the spark was struck forth in immemo- 1892, and I find the following startling items : rial days. Eighteen very old men, said Theocore Parker, could touch hands back to the birth of Christ, and in my Quiniasulph 2,686,677025. Opium (nine per researches into old books I never yet found one that did Canthandes .0.446 lbs. cent, morphial. . 587, .21 lbs. ^^^ ^jj^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^jjj ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ Balsam copaiba. .. . 206,01. Rhubarb .18,874 r 1 1 ,-1 .,, , , , t j ^loes 2i;s ''Q4 " Salicine - .S2 ■' ot scholars ot dates Still beyond, whose monographs and .\ssafoetida izsiss? " Morphia, and all ' treatises have clean mouldered away in the crypts of Ipecac 38,329 Felodipine 10 Mg '■ salts thereof . ... 42,301025. time. J^'^P 112,60. " Calomel and other . As far out of the Central darkness of the Middle Ages Sot!.;::;;-..-..-. AlHl - ^'X^^ :.,63o.b5. as the seventeenth century, I find in Schroeder's"Chym- Cubebs 115,974" Alkaloids and alka- ical Dispensatory, 1669, that the physicians of his day, Nux vomica .,392,437 " liesto the am't of $827,230 upon the same hypothesis that Hammond has proceeded, and Brown-S6quard Felodipine Tablets before him, used the different animal Certainly, no one can complain that there will not be glands and tissues, in medicine, for the cure of distempers enough to go round. Every mail is turgid with the pleas in corresponding parts in man. The work of Culpepper, of manufacturing druggists. Our daily papers and relig- 1653, gives some recipes for preparing fox lungs into a ious weeklies are insidiously padded with advertisements loloch for the cure of asthmas and inflammations of the of cure-alls. Postal cards, like so many tormenting gad- lungs, and he recommends duck livers, as being exceed- flies, are pestering the sixty odd thousand physicians of ingly strengthening to the liver. But Schroeder, whom America with the information that this or that com- CuUen respectfully criticises as an authority in his day, is

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