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to the Presbyterian, Orthopaedic, and Babies' Hospitals. With fifty-nine Illustrations. Octavo, 308 pages, extra muslin, price, ^3. New York : William Wood & Com- pany. Human Monstro.sities. By B. C. Hirst, M.D., and G. A. Piersol, M.D. Part IV. Pages 151-220. Plates xxv.-xxxix. Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Clinical Lectures on Abdominal Hernia. By W. H. Bennett. 8vo, 225 pages. Longmans, Green & Co., New York. Price, §2.50. Transactions of the American Pediatric Society. Fourth Session, 1892. Vol. IV. 8vo, 277 pages. Manual of Chemistry. By W. Simon, M.D. Fourth Edition. 8vo, 493 pages, illustrated. Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. phenergan codeine syrup Diseases of the Eve. By G. A. Berry. Second Edition. 8vo, 745 pages, illustrated. Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Price, $8.00. Fifteenth Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Connecticut. 8vo, 194 pages. System of Diseases of the Ear, Nose, and Throat. Edited by Dr. H. C. Burnett. Vol. I. 8vo, 789 pages, illustrated. J. B. Lippincott Co., phenergan with codeine Philadelphia, Pa. Naphey's Modern Therapeutics, Medical and Sur- gical. Ninth Edition. Vol. II. By A. J. Smith, M.D., and J. A. Davis, M.D. 8vo, 1,112 pages. P. Blakiston, Son & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Price, $6.00. Atlas of Electric Cystoscopy. By Dr. Emil Burck- hardt and E. H. Fenwick. 8vo, 70 pages, 34 plates. J. & A. Churchill, London. Fermentation, Infection, and Immunity. By J. W. McLaughlin, M.D. 8vo, 240 pages. Diseases OF the Rectum and Anus ; their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. By Charles B. Kelsey, A.M., M.D., New York, Professor of Diseases of the Rectum at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital; late Professor of Diseases of the Rectum at the I'niversity ot Vermont, etc. Fourth Edition, re- vised and enlarged. With two chromo-lithographs and one hundred and sixty-two illustrations. 8vo, 496 pages, extra muslin. New York : William Wood & Co. Price, $4.00. Lessons in Physical Diagnosis. By Alfred purchase phenergan L. Loomis, M.D., LL.D., Professor of the Practice of Medicine and Pathology in the phenergan use LTniversity of the City of New York. Tenth Edition, revised and enlarged. Illustrations, some in color. 8vo. 240 pages, extra muslin. New York : William Wood & Co. Price, S3. 00. Thf. Recrudescence of Leprosy and its Causation. By William Tebb. 8vo, 41 2 pages. Swan, Sonnenschein & Co., London. A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, with Especial Reference to the Clini- cal Application of Drugs. By John V. Shoemaker, A.M., M.D. Second Edition, revised. In two royal octavo volumes. Vol. I.,353 pages. Vol. II., 680 pages. VoL I., in cloth, $2.50 net; sheep, S3. 25 net. Vol. II., in cloth, S3-50, cheap phenergan net ; sheep, §4.50, net. The F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia, Pa. The Creation of God. By Dr. Jacob Hartmann. 8vo., 432 pages. The Truth-Seeker Co., New York. A Haxdhook. of Local Therapeutics. By Drs. Allen, Hart, Harlan, and phenergan syrup van Harlingen. 8vo, 500 pages. P. phenergan buy Blakiston, Son & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Price, S4.00. Medical phenergan mg Record A JVeekly yournal of Medicine and Surgery Vol. 44, No. 2. Whole No. 1183. New York, July 8, 1893. $5.00 Per Annum. Single Copies, loc. C^KiQitxal Jirticlcs. THERAPEUTICAL SUPERSTITION. Bv GEORGE T. WELCH, M.D., Recent researches into obsolete medical works have con- vinced me that an old scientific book is not more valua- ble in any order phenergan other way than it is in what phenergan dm syrup it represents as a landmark of the attainment of thought and speculation up to 25 mg phenergan the very hour that it issued from the press. Truth changes its asjject ; what we have thought was an eternal principle was some issue caught motionless at a turn of the tide. When we have believed penetration could go no farther, some fresher genius has taken the trail, and disappeared, after shining for a moment upon a farther upland. The Romans erected arches to victory and columns in remote provinces to mark phenergan and codeine their ever-widening boundaries. Beyond many of these flowed the human tide, rising in continued swells of grandeur to this hour ; but some of them are to be found by chance travellers in deserts, and some have mouldered quite away in vast solitudes. And just as these ancient and daring conquerors marked their latest triumphs with monumental shafts and sculpture, on which were graven battles and the names of heroes, so in our books the great teachers and historians of our art have celebrated the achievements of the profession and recorded the long roll of illustrious physicians. Some of these books, even so far back as the famous one of Hip- pocrates, have been guides to prosperity, while others have been shunned as pointing phenergan cream the way to haunts of su- perstition and morasses of the human mind. We smile superiorly when we look at some of them and perceive how very little had been wrested from ig- norance and credulity while the book itself is so preten- tious. And yet every recruit, every appliance of skill, wisdom of the fathers, resource of the sons, drift of the- ories, fragments of tradition, charms even, and necro- mancy, all that was believed and all that was hoped, were brought together under the standard that was borne thus far into the wilderness — the Scythia that besets us with difficulties and every morning presents a farther phenergan 25 horizon. And the latest book has brought all up to date, and with an unremitting courage the author has placed another shaft to victory, which we begin already to leave a day's journey behind us. Nothing phenergan dm is .established, nothing is sure I is a hopeless cry sometimes heard. But we, like the Roman, leave a regent in every conquered province, where, if the court shifts and the elements revolve, we still govern upon prin- ciples that defend us. Nor have we any reason to feel the superiority of any other profession above our own . when we reflect that all alike are humbled before vast problems, and either feel their way with caution, or are rebuked by the judgment of posterity. The austere creeds of the theologian are constantly crumbling. That phenergan codeine which must be defended is no longer impregnable. Di- vinity is breaking into a thousand sects. The ameliorat- ing, humanizing principle is abroad. Some of the weaker minds, not daring to try the issue, are for leading their flocks back into the old paths. They spurn their natural I President's Address, delivered at the One Hundred and Twentv- seventh Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Medical Society, tune 27, 1893, held at Asbury Park, N. J. leaders and condemn them as outlaws, while with vest- ments and rituals they seek to lull the human mind. They had as well seek to bind the floods with cassock bands, and seal the caves of the winds with threats and excommunication. Should we turn to statesmanship, we find armed neu- trality. The invention is sterile that dares not dare. And yet empires are but maps of an hour. Slight incur- sions change boundaries. In law we approach the ex- asperation of politics. It is always changing and never satisfactory. It is a net that draws hard upon the petty criminal, but bursts when a corporation is entangled. Descartes found a whole library in the human body, but your lawyer, confronted with a perplexing cause, goes to a myriad of books to find his clues. We fret and repine because every physician that pre- scribes for an ailment is not a trained scholar in his pro- fession, and we fulminate about it so much that, mistak- ing our conscientious care for an admission, the other professions smirk and grimace, but the egotist with the longest purse goes to the senate, and the ruffian with the greatest saloon interest becomes the lawmaker for a State. In the cabinet there is vacillation, in the senate great measures stagnate, in the legislature partisanship pre- dominates. Smug hirelings climb the pulpit — " the hun- gry sheep look up and are not fed." In the natural sciences the savants are still classifying. The astronomer is not sure that his burned-out suns may not be stars about to germinate. In the face of all this dilettanteism, what reason have we to stand at bay ! We have gone far and have estab- lished much. No one will deny the potency of Jenner's vaccine, or Lister's antiseptic methods, and all that goes under the comprehensive title of hygiene. The study of preventable causes of disease is raising the standard of medicine, and just as physicians recognize that their mis- sion is a wider one than the mere administering of phenergan online drugs to cure the ill will they exalt their profession, and be- come an established power in government. For if we exclude from the human family all the preventable dis- eases — including phenergan iv those produced by worry and mental strain, by physical strain, the excesses of the passions, by alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, unwholesome foods, impure air, by occupation, sloth and, late hours and broken sleeji, errors of dress, imitation and moral conta- gion, automatic diseases and hypochondriasis — all of which are evils that may be avoided — how small a per- centage would be left for the doubtful compounds of the pharmacopceia ! " If intermarriage of diseases were con- sidered in the same light as intermarriage of poverty, hereditary transmission of disease, the basis of so much misery in the world, would be at an end in three or four generations " (Richardson)." There will come a day early in the next century when a Secretary of Health will be as necessary a member of phenergan vc the Cabinet as he who holds the portfolio of Law or Agri- culture. That this has not been so long ago, in all coun- tries, is not so much the fault of a progressive profession as it is of a vicious education in therapeutics. For how- ever man may deteriorate his health, however long he may have put at defiance every law of nature, he demands an instant cure. He may scoff at miracles elsewhere in the natural world, but he confidently expects one at the hands of his physician at any hour, let the disease be what it may. And the physicians are {e.w who boldly stem this senseless tide. The majority yield to it : go with the current, pander the superstition. Vainly they 34 MEDICAL RECORD. [July 8, 1893 offer this or that panacea, and painfully reminded by past experience that the discouraged patient may suddenly

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