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are taken. — Hightower. Pertussis. — IJ. Hyd. peroxide (10 vols.') 3 vj. Glycerine 3 iv. Water ad 5 iij. Dose : Half a fluid ounce, in a wineglassful of water, five or Nizagara Tablets six times a day. — Richardson. Glycerine, four parts, to bismuth, one part, is the best way to keep the latter in solution — Taurence. Peritonitis. — The best treatment is by the administra- tion of large doses of saline cathartics (sulphate of mag- nesium, 3 ij., every two hours until the bowels have been opened eight or ten times). — Keen. Camphor given with acetanilid overcomes the de- pressing effects. — CSHESMIUTZEFF. Incontinentia Urinse, when due to slight disorders of genito-urinary or nervous systems, may be relieved by rhus aromatica, Jjeginning with five to ten drops and in- creasing to fifteen or twenty, four times daily. Adherent Placenta. — Injection of cold water by the rectum acts by reflex stimulation. — Newton. Typhoid Fever. — I have found betanaphthol to work so well that unless the stomach is very irritable, which is a contra-indication to its use, I invariably give it, and my results guarantee the statement that it is an agent par ex- cellence in the rational treatment of typhoid fever. — Shi.monek. Asthma. — At onset of attack, paint nasal fossa; as far in as possible with one part by weight of cocaine hy- drochlorate to twenty of water, or spray nose and pharynx for four or five minutes. This may cut short the attack. — Dieulafoy. Exophthalmic Goitre. — .IJ. I'owd. ipecac gm. .335 Powd. digitalis gm. .02 Ex. of opium gm. .0025 For one pill. Four or six to be given every twenty-four hours. Bromoform exerts almost a specific action in whooping cough. One to five drops are given to children three or four times daily. It is best given in a mixture with al- cohol and glycerine. The drug should be clear and color- less. — Western Med. Rep. Naphthol as a Vermifuge. — Dr. Dubois gave fifteen centigrammes three times daily to a girl on whom he had tried all the usual remedies without result, and succeeded in causing a discharge of thirty-four ascarides lumbricoides. — Lyon Medical. Tornwaldt's Disease, or chronic inflammation of a pathologically formed cavity, and freijuently mistaken for post-nasal adenoids, is best treated, according to Smith- Hozier, with applications of chromic acid on a probe. Resorcin is recommended for gastric ulcer, five grains three times a day. It is antiseptic, hemostatic, and anal- gesic, enabling the stomach to tolerate food. Acute Rhinitis. — For relief of urgent distress cocaine and tincture belladonna in from three to five per cent, solution applied on cotton. — Pierce. Sulpho-Carbolate of Zinc is recommended by Sangree in typhoid as cajjable of rendering the mucous membrane and intestinal contents less suitable for the development of micro-organisms. It is of little use to employ small doses, and five grains are given by the author every three or four hours until the temperature falls. — The Times and Register. Puerperal Eclampsia. — Veratrum viride (Norwood's tincture) in sedative doses every half hour or hour until the desired effect is produced has been my favorite remedy for more than thirty years. — Stephens. Dyspepsia. — The following treatment is useful in cases of obstinate indigestion : IJ. Tincture of cascarilla, cinnamon, gentian, Co- lombo, rhubarb Sa 3 'j. Tincture of nux vomica ... 3 j. — Jules Simon. Cold Baths have been successfully employed by Riviere in two cases of Order Nizagara tetanus after chloral and opium had failed. July I, 1893J MEDICAL RECORD. 29 Thymol is a useful addition to carron oil in treatment of burns, from J^ to jV 'per cent. Cimicifuga. — Ten to thirty drops of the fluid extract after meals cures seminal emissions. — Reed. Ulcer of Stomach. — To combat the nausea and vomit- ing, a pill containing extract of belladonna, gr. }t. and silver nitrate, gr. ^, may be used with advantage ; the latter is said to exercise a curative influence on the ulcer- ated surface, and by being converted into an insoluble chloride, diminishes or neutralizes the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach. — To Cut Short 'Whooping-cough, paint the periglotteal region every two hours with a ten per cent, solution of resorcin. — Moncorro. Dysentery. — Hot enemata of tannin and boric acid. Scotch Douche has given Schiiller better results in chronic joint trouble of rheumatic origin than any other form of hydrotherapy. Salicylate of Bismuth has been found useful in infan- tile diarrhcea, and lactic acid in many other forms, even that of phthisis. — Lance/. Hydrogen Peroxide has been proved experimentally to be a valuable antidote in hydrocyanic poisoning. — KBuy Nizagara which can be readily .re- moved is made by the following formula : 1{ . Ichthyol 25. parts. Carbolic acid 25 " Starch 50. " Water 22.5 " The first two are dissolved in water at a gentle heat and the starch added. Cholera. — Chloral, by hypodermic injection, has been extolled. The following is a suitable formula : 1{ . Chloral hydrat 3 iij. Morpliin. sulph gr. j. Atropin. sulph gi- i. Aquae chlorofortni, Aquae aa 3 ss. M. Sig. : Twenty miaims, repeated in ten minutes, and subse- quently Buy Nizagara Online pro re nata. — Bartholow. Tertiary Affections of the Penis must not be con- founded with initial sore nor with chancroid, or when in urethra with gonorrhoea. Iodide of potassium is the in- dication. STERNTH.A.L. Pental, administered as an anaesthetic in from two to eight gramme doses, causes loss of consciousness lasting from half a minute to fifteen minutes. In incomplete narcosis tactile sensibility sometimes appears unaffected, though sensibility to pain is totally abolished. — Feu- OROFF. Nocturnal Emissions. — B. Ext. aloes gr. iij- Ext. belladonna gr. ij. Ext. hyoscyami gi\ iv. Pulv. camphorae gr. iv. M. Ft. pilulje No. xii. Sig.; One pill every night. Creosote is no longer an innovation or a fad, but a drug which has come to stay as an antitubercular remedy. It is particularly valuable in the earlier stages of tubercu- losis. Its administration must be in moderate dpses for a prolonged period. It is a safe and reliable prophylac- tic in the condition that is usually described as pretuber- cular anaemia. — Stark. Veratrum Viride is considered a safe drug and a sure remedy in scarlet fever, and it is thought that some cases may be aborted by its timely use. — •Chambers. Appendicitis, if Seen Early. — .\bsolute rest, fomenta- tions, salines every half hour until four or six fluid stools are produced. — Jonas. OUR Nizagara Online LONDON LETTER. (Fn Special Correspondent) PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE OX DE.\TH CERTIFICATION- — THE r,ENER.\L MEDICAL COUNCIL PRACTICE ABROAD SiLALL-POX SCARLET FEVER DEATHS OF MARCCS BECK T. SIMPSON, AND PROFESSOR PACCHIOTI THE GENERAL MEDICAL COUNCIL MEDICAL AID ASSOCIATIONS COV- ERING VISITORS OF EXAMINATIONS THE CURRICULU-M THE NEXT PHARMACOPCEIA SUSPENSION OF AMER- ICAN DENTAL DIPLOMAS THE CLINICAL .SOCIETY'S CLOS- INC; MEETING — DEATH OF THE SECRETARY, DR. HADDEN ROYAL CHARTER FOR NURSES SIR WILLIAM JENNER's WRITINGS. London, Mav 27, 1893- SuBjEtTS of interest to the profession have not been want- ing in Parliament of late. Among them is that of death certification, which is now being e.xamined by a se-

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