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The author maintains that vaginal hysterectomy is an operation attended with little danger, and that the pres- ent mortality is caused mostly by: i, operating upon unsuitable cases; 2, imperfection in the technique; 3. mistakes in the after-treatment. He summarizes as fol- lows : I. Operate only upon cases in which we can op- Buy Cheap Nitroglycerin erate in healthy tissue. 2. Use the method and manceu- vres adapted to each individual case, not adhering rigidly to any one for all cases. 3. Ligature enables to do a more complete operation than forceps, but forceps should be used when ligatures cannot be applied with accuracy. 4. When possible, place omentum between the intestines and the stumps. 5. Draw the ligatured stumps together and attach the peritoneal edges either to the vaginal edges or to each other. 6. Pack iodoform between the blades of the forceps, but do not allow the packing to project upward between the intestines. 7. Leave the packing for four days, as a rule. 8. Begin douches about eight hours after the packing has been removed, and use a rec- tum-tube the first time. 9. Keep the patient on the back for forty-eight hours. He reports thirty-seven cases, with one death, or a mortality of 2.7 per cent. Surgical Treatment of Uterine Flexions. — Dr. M. B. Ward, of Topeka, read a brief paper, saying it was his desire Nitroglycerin Cream to consider briefly the propriety of doing an ab- dominal section in suitable cases for retro-displacements of the uterus. It was unnecessary to preface his remarks with the statement that he who dared recommend such radical measures for an ailment of so insignificant a char- acter was certain to be severely criticised. In his expe- rience it had been extremely difficult, and usually impos- sible, to afford permanent relief in cases of chronic retroflexion by methods usually recommended. The larger number gave a history of long suffering, many attacks of pelvic peritonitis, which indicated that serious complications must be overcome before the uterus could be brought forward. It was this class of cases which the paper considered. His custom was to say to these pa- tients that the local treatment would give comfort, and if they could exercise due patience they might be perma- nently relieved. He always informed them of the possi- bility of failure. The next plan recommended was to do abdominal section, break up adhesions, remove the ap- pendages, if diseased, bring the uterus forward — all of which could be done quickly, safely, and effect perma- nent recovery. If there were only suspicion of ovarian disease, leave these organs, if the woman desired chil- dren. But from a large experience he could say that in nearly all cases of chronic retro-displacement of the uterus the appendages were seriously diseased. (To be continued.) Boric Acid, in daily dose of fifty to seventy-five centi- grammes after a purgative dose of castor-oil containing five or six drops of turpentine, has been found by Tortchinsky to diminish diarrhrea, tympanites, and fever in typhoid. Lead Colic has been treated with antipyrin in daily quantity of one drachm, which is considered by Devic and Chatin better treatment than by any other drug excepting belladonna. In Morphine Nitroglycerin Iv Poisoning Dr. Daily stretches the sphinc- ter ani with the bivalve speculum as often as respiration flags, and regards it as a plan well worth following. In Bad Cold g'elsemium arrests profuse nasal secretions, quiets headache and neuralgia, subdues cough and pain, favors a re-establishment of the secretions, through its Nitroglycerin Tablet in- fluence uiion the skin, kidne)'s, and gastro-intestinal tract. It reduces temperature and Nitroglycerin Tablets Spray Nitroglycerin pulse-rate, promotes sleep, and creates a feeling of comfort Order Nitroglycerin and well-being without in any way approaching narcosis or destroying the oxygen-carry- ing capacity of the blood-corpuscles. Ten drops of a reliable fluid extract are dissolved in three ounces of water, and of this a teaspoonful is given every ten or fifteen minutes the first hour, then at less frequent intervals. — AULDE. Trigeminal Neuralgia. — Dusquenal's crystallized aco- nitine, ^-J,-^ grain, gradually increased until numbness is felt all over the body, with chilliness and in some cases even nausea. Red Iodide of Mercury, in doses increased from one- twentieth Buy Nitroglycerin to one-sixth of a grain, and iodide of potassmm, in twenty to forty-five grain dose after each meal, con- tinued for two to three months, should be given, in addi- tion to aconitine in tic-douloureux, even in the absence of syphilitic history. — Sequin. Iodide of Potassium, when given m large dose, should be largely diluted. Delavan recommends essence of pep- sin and milk. Indian Hemp, in ten minim dose of the tincture three times daily, is almost a specific in insanity in women due to mental worry or moral shock, and is also of great value in mania and melancholia. — Suckling. Gall-stone Colic is treated by Thudichum with mor- phine subcutaneously and large quantities of very dilute lemonade. Nitroglycerin Sublingual If collapse threatens, chloroform anaesthesia is recommended. Caffeine acts directly on the nervous Nitroglycerin Mg system in vaso- motor heart troubles, and in moderate dose stimulates the heart muscle. Acting upon the cardiac innervation, it pro- vokes dilatation of the vessels. With this drug muscular and nervous troubles of the heart can Buy Nitroglycerin Online be combated which previously resisted all treatment. Beginning with daily dose of a quarter to half a gramme, it can be gradually in- creased until two or three Sublingual Nitroglycerin grams, are taken in the twenty- four hours. It is best given subcutaneously, combined with an equal quantity of benzoate of soda. — Ferrara. A New Taenifuge, proposed by Dr. Duhourcau, is the following combination in capsules : Extract of male fern 1.20 gm. Chloroform 3.60 gm. Castor-oil 3. 60 gm. Croton-oil gtt. ss. To be divided into twelve doses. Mild Eczemas and acne rosacea : Benzoin 3 Pe"" "nt. Soap in powder 97 per Nitroglycerin Buy cent. Freckles. — Mercury bichloride 0.50 gm. Camphor 0.60 gm. Alcohol 7 c-c- Subacetate of lead 2.5 c.c. Sulphate of zinc 2 50 gm. Distilled water 25° <=-<^- Yellow of Nitroglycerin Sl an Nitroglycerin 2 egg. Wet the face and let it dry on.— /our/t. de Mhl. de- Paris. Light in the sick-room should be insisted upon except- ing in a few eye affections and other conditions requiring a darkened chamber. MEDICAL RECORD. [July I, li Prophylactic in Tonsillitis. — For use by those persons predisposed to the development of tonsillitis : IJ . Olei menth. pip TTl ^'ij- Acid, carbolic (crystal. ) 3 j- Spt vini. rectificat 3 'j- M. Sig. : Ten drops to be added to a cup of warm water, and this solution used as a gargle night and morning. —Med. Rev. Chloride of Gold and Sodium has never failed to give relief in nervous cases, ranging from epilepsy to simple nervous manifestations without apparent cause. — Greex. Earache, without indications for operative interference, may be relieved with Q. Menthol, Gum camphor aii gr. xx. Liq. albolene 3 j. Drop into ear several times daily. — Dunn. Angina Sl Nitroglycerin Pectoris. — Inhalation of chloroform, or a few drops of nitrite of amyl ; -^\^ grain of nitro-glycerine, in- ternally ; placing the feet in hot water, mustard to the precordial region ; dry orp between the shoulders ; hypo- dermic injections of morphine and atropine, administra- tion of stimulants and anodynes. Apoplexy. — Elevate the head and shoulders; if pulse is moderately strong and the brain congested, bleed from the arm freely, sixteen ounces or more ; elaterine (one- sixth grain), Iv Nitroglycerin or croton-oil, two drops in drachm of sweet oil or glycerine ; cold to the head by means of an ice-bag. Heat Stroke. — Remove clothing, sprinkle with water, cold cloths to the head, hot cloths to the feet, antipyrin, bleeding in robust subjects. After temperature is reduced give alcohol and diffusible stimulants, hypodermically if necessary. — Med. and Surg. Rep. Ipecacuanha is a Ntg Nitroglycerin powerful agent in producing uterine contraction during the first and second stages of labor. — Drai'E.s. Gonorrhoea. — IJ. Salol 3j. to 3ij. Oleoresin cubeb^ 3 ij. Balsam, copaibae 3 ij. Pepsin gr- xij. M. Ft. Nitroglycerin Spray caps. no. xij. S. : One, six times daily. — Hare. Chlorohydrosulphate of quinine dissolves in its own weight of water and is rapidly absorbed. It is hence suit- able for hypodermatic use and appears more active than the sulphate. — Grimaux. Sodium Tetraboricum Neutrale has been attended with more marked success in chronic suppuration of the middle ear than any agent which Hefiebower has ever used. It seems to be antiseptic and astringent and is used in steril- ized saturated solution as an injection. — Cincinnati Lan- cet-Clinic, January 14, 1893. Acute Anaemia, such as caused by post-partum hemor- rhage, etc., is treated by copious rectal injections contain- ing one and a half teaspoonfuls of common salt to the quart of water. Neuralgia. — Annnon. brom., Sodii salicyl iia 3 j. Tinct. hyoscyam 3 ij. Aq ad 3 iv. Teaspoonful every half hour till relieved, or four doses

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