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address delivered recently Pramipexole Mirapex before the Boston Medico- ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Boulevard was opened, in 1886, it was Psychological Association, Dr. C. L. Dana said (^Boston ^^^^ unsectarian. The new building will cost §175,000, Medical ami Surgical Journal) : " It may interest you to ^^^ .^ .^ estimated that it will require at least $60,000 ad- hear the results of my own therapeutical experience in ^.^.^^^^ ^^ ^^ .^^ appointments, this line during the past eight months. Since July, 1892, I have been using various animal e.xtracts of the Mirapex Generic Inoculation of Measles. — Dr. Hugh Thompson, of thyroid gland, of the brain-tissue, also the rabic virus, Glasgow, describes nine cases in which he had inoculated and Hunter's modification B of tuberculin. I have children with fresh serum taken from blisters on patients treated the following cases by these methods : Locomo- suffering from measles. He believes that four were ren- tor ataxia (brain extract), 8 cases (6 treatment complete, dered immune, and that in two the experiment failed. 2 discontinued) ; 4 improved, 2 not improved. Bulbar At the point of insertion of the serum slight measly-look- paralysis (brain extract), i case ; cured. Progressive ing patches appeared in from one to two days and lasted muscular atrophy in late stages (brain extract), 3 cases ; for two or three days, accompanied Mirapex Price with slight catarrhal not improved. Epilepsy (brain extract, rabic virus, and symptoms. The serum is taken from small blisters, no testicular extract), 5 cases ; 3 improved, 2 not improved. larger Mirapex 0.25 Mg than a measly patch, and used immediately and Two other cases whose course was known to me were im- inserted by superficial scarifications, proved. Paralysis agitans (brain extract), i case; not Eephyaditis is the name proposed by Dr. Robert T. improved. Tubercular tumor of brain (Hunter's Mirapex 0.125 Mg modifi- ^^^^^.^ ^ ^ substitute for appendicitis. The word is a cation B of tuberculin), i case ; not improved. Base- ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^,^ ^j^^^^y ^^53^3 j^ ^jedicine dow's disease (thyroid extract), i case ; symptoms in- ^^ ^^^^.^^^ ^^^ appendix vermiformis ceci. Ecphyaditis creased. Dementia (thyroid extract), i case ; improved. .^ ^j^^ philologically the preferable word ; it has the fur- Pseudo-muscular hypertrophy (thymus), i case; result ther advantage of distinctiveness.-AT.^/.^/iV^.'a'^. not yet known. Among these cases those in which some Mirapex Er specific effects were obtained were cases of bulbar paraly- Physicians are of Three Kinds : Hypocrites or quacks sis, locomotor ataxia, epilepsy, and Basedow's disease. dressed as physicians form one class : physicians by com- The most striking result was that in the case of bulbar mon report form the second class ; and physicians that palsy. With regard to the use of the thyroid, I have really possess the accomplishments which such men should MEDICAL RECORD. [July I, 1893 possess, form the third class. These are the three classes of physicians that practise on earth. Those ignorant persons who, having equipped themselves with the uten- sils, the medicines, the books, and the bracelets of physi- cians and assumed their manners and conduct, acquire the title of physicians, are said to be hypocrites or quacks in the guise of physicians. Those persons who without really possessing them pretend to prosperity, fame, knowl- edge, and success such as true physicians have, and ac- quire the title of physicians, are said to be physicians by report. The true accomplishments of a Cheap Mirapex physician are said to reside in those persons that have a practical knowledge of the application of drugs, What Is Mirapex and acquaintance with the medical scriptures and the affairs of men, that are celebrated for their success in treatment, that contrib- ute to the real happiness of their patients, and that are restorers of life and strength. — Charaka-Samhita. Dr. Paul Guttmaun, Sanitary Councillor and Director of the Hospital Moabit, died at Berlin on May 24th, of pneumonia complicating influenza, aged fifty-nine. Dr. James McCann, of Pittsburgh, died recently, at the age of fifty-seven years. The Board of Trustees and Fac- ulty of the Western Pennsylvania Medical College, of which he was the presiding officer, have adopted a min- ute, from which we gather the following facts : He was born in 1836, in Penn Township, Allegheny County, Pa. His father served under Anthony Wayne in the war for American Independence. In early boyhood he passed his summers working upon his father's farm, and the win- ter months as a pupil of John G. Beatty, who taught him, in addition to the public school curriculum of that time, Latin and the higher mathematics. At Mirapex For Rls the Mirapex Coupon age of eigh- teen he went to Pittsburgh, where he spent several years as book-keeper in a business house, but, acting upon the advice of his physician, he finally decided to study medi- cine, and in 1858 entered the office of Drs. Thomas and John Dickson, Sr. He was graduated from the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1863, and immediately entered the medical service Buy Mirapex of the army as assistant-surgeon of the Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers. He continued in this service until the of the war, when he returned to Pittsburgh and began the practice of medicine with Dr. W. C. Reiter. Two years later he re- ceived the appointment of surgeon to the Marine Hospi- tal. He was next appointed one of the surgeons of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, which position he held imtil a few months ago, when he resigned because of ill health, and accepted the appointment of consulting-sur- geon. For twenty years he was one of the surgeons of the Pennsylvania, the Allegheny Valley, and other rail- roads entering Pittsburgh. He was an active and influ- ential member of the Pittsburgh Free Dispensary from its inception, of the Board of Health for many years, of the .\llegheny County Medical Society, of the State Medical Society, of the American Medical Association, of the American Surgical Association, and of the American Asso- ciation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, but owing to ill health he was never able to attend a session of the lat- ter. He was one of the organizers of the Western Penn- sylvania Medical College. Mirapex Litigation Into this work he threw all his enthusiasm, and devoted to it Mirapex Coupons all his energy and influ- ence. In September, 1886, he was elected to the chair of Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. This position, notwithstanding his failing health, he filled until a few months prior to his death. A short time ago he was unanimously nominated for appointment as " Emeritus Professor," but before this action could be confirmed by the Board of Trustees of the University death had claimed him. It was in the performance of a surgical operation, a work Generic For Mirapex of charity in the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, that he received the fatal shaft from the quiver of the fell destroyer. Johns Hopkins Medical School. — The faculty of the Johns Hopkins Medical School has completed the neces- sary arrangements for opening the school on October 2d next. According to the terms of Miss Garrett's gift, the school will be open to women on the same terms as men, A Centenarian. — Mrs. Hannah Stevenson, of Brook- field, Mass. , has just celebrated her one hundredth birth- day. She is said to be mentally bright and active, though she has smoked tobacco and taken snuff" for the last eighty- one years, to say nothing of a moderate indulgence in opium. Her husband was a minute-man in the War of 1812. Dr. Carl Fischer, of Sydney, N. S. W., died of gan- grene of the leg and erysipelas, in Chicago, June 22d. Death of a Japanese Medical Student. — Helen Bruce, a Japanese young woman, who had come to this country for an education, and who had graduated from Wellesley College and was taking a medical course, died at the Salem, Mass., Hospital, on June 20th. of consumption, aged twenty-four years. St. John's Guild. — The needed repairs on the Floating Hospital of St. John's Guild have been made, and the barge is ready to make daily trips. A new building has been erected for the Sea Side Hospital. Contributions may be sent to W. L. Strong, Treasurer, 501 Fifth Ave- nue. The Rev. Dr. E. P. Thwing, a missionary in China, died suddenly in Canton, a few weeks ago. He was suf- fering from typhoid fever, and death was caused appar- ently by intestinal perforation. A Physician Convicted of Murder. — Dr. G. S. Wyck- off, a physician of Western Pennsylvania, was recently convicted at Kittanning of Mirapex 1 Mg complicity in a bank robbery. A man was killed by one of the burglars, and Dr. Wyck- off being brought to trial for the crime was found guilty of murder in the second degree. Bees and Rheumatism. — Some two years ago an Aus- trian physician advanced the remarkable theory that per- sons who have been stung by bees enjoy an immunity from the effects of the bee-stings for varying periods, and that, moreover, the virus of the bee-sting is an infallible remedy for acute rheumatism. The latter part of the theory, according to the Mediterranean Naturalist, has received unquestionable confirmation from a custom of the country people in Malta. Bees are plenty in the island, and bee-stings are in such repute as a cure for rheumatism that resort to this primitive method of inocu- lation has been a common practice in severe cases for generations, the results having been most satisfactory to the patients. July I, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. ^0cietig Reports. Juixericati IP^ctXical ^ssocmtxon. Forty-fourth Annual Meeting, held in Milwaukee, Wis., June 6, 7, 8, and g, i8gj. (Special Report by Telegraph to the MaolCAL Record.) (Continued from \'ol. xHii., p. 761.) SECTION I]^ MEDICINE. Third Dav, Thursd.a.y, June 8th. Brief Clinical Memoranda. — A paper was read by Dr. H. H. DiDAiiA, of Syracuse, with this title. The mat- ters considered were as follows : 1. An Available Catheter Lubricant. — -The physician may find himself obliged to pass the catheter, and may have no available lubricant. It is well to remember that saliva will render the catheter sufficiently slippery to in- sure its penetration into the bladder. It will be said that the saliva is full of micro organisms and all sorts of im- purities ; but if the mouth is clean, its secretion will an- swer in an emergency. 2. Facile Reduction of Prolapsed Hemorrhoids. — The mass should be well cocainized and smeared with vaseline. Generic Mirapex Have the patient assume a squatting posture, and instruct him to bear down as in defecation. . He will at first, Buy Mirapex Online on account of the pain, shrink from so doing, but can do so if encouraged in his efforts, which will relax the sphincter and insure the return of Mirapex Rls the mass by proper upward press- ure thereon. 3. Preparing Hemorrhoids for Injection. — Anesthetize the patient by the A. C. E. mixture. Dilate the sphinc- ter well by digital force. Bring down the tumors, and ligate all those with a small pedicle by a ligature left tied in a bow-knot. Next inject six drops of a mixture of carbolic acid, one part ; cocaine solution (eight per cent.), and glycerine, of each two parts. The blood is clotted in a few minutes, and this clot prevents the ab- sorption of poisonous material. In the course of five or ten minutes the knots in the ligatures may be untied and the latter removed. The patient, on recovery from the anaesthetic, can at once get up and resume his busi- ness. The strangulated tumors will quickly shrivel up and fall off in the course of a few days. 4. Readv Relief from Lumbago. — This may be obtained by the use of large dry cups along the ridge of the lower spinal muscles. The cups of a conical shape, similar to a urinary deposit- glass, are preferable. Typhlitis. — " Medical Treatment of Typhlitis and Ap- pendicitis," by Dr. F. W. Ross, Elmira, N. Y. ; "An Unusual Case of Appendicitis," by Dr. J. H. Musser, of Philadelphia; and a " Discussion of Dr. Musser's Case and of Appendicitis," by Dr. Joseph Price, of Philadel- phia. The papers were not read, but a general discussion of the whole subject suggested by them was opened by Drs. McLean, of Detroit, and Price, of Philadelphia. Dr. J. J. Whittaker, of Cincinnati, believed that many of these cases are really tubercular Mirapex Cost in origin. The caecum is a stagnant reservoir, into which sputa, if swal- lowed, are run by intestinal peristalsis. The removal of the appendix may not cure all cases of right iliac inflam- mation, as the latter process may recur in this locality. Such recurring cases should be referred to the surgeon. To rely on pain at any one point as an indication of the presence of pus is a fallacious guide, as in most cases pain is not circumscribed, but diffused. Dr. Joseph Hoffman, of Philadelphia, stated that statistics showed that, in 18,000 cases of right iliac in- flammation, absolute disease of the appendix existed in

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