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State medicine be adequately dealt with. It urged that the United States put itself on a plane with other great countries of the world in thus making public health a matter of national concern. The Academy by unanimous vote granted minoxidil shampoo price philippines the request and gave the Committee power to act in the matter. It is proposed to secure the opinions and advice of medical men and sanitarians throughout the country regarding the most effective way of establishing a national sanitary organization. A bill will be framed and submitted to the profession and afterward to the Academy. The work thus proposed is one of great difficulty, but at the same time one of enormous importance. Few realize, as medical men can, how much unnecessary dis- ease, misery, and suffering there is in the world, and how much could be prevented by wise sanitary precautions and a wider knowledge of the laws of health. It is right that the profession should support the Academy in its present effort, and we believe it will do so heartily. Should it fail to evolve a practicable measure of sanitary organization now, its work would not be lost, for such an organization is a necessity for a great and buy minoxidil online uk progressive nation and is bound eventually to come. WHO ARE NEW YORK'S IMMORTALS? A can you get minoxidil prescription CORRESPONDENT has asked us to name the twelve best representatives of medicine and surgery who have lived and practised in this city. The question is a difficult one to minoxidil foam purchase answer and we shall not undertake it except in part. There are many qualities that go to make up a great phy- sician. Some have achieved eminence through the force and charm of their personality. They have won hosts of friends, ordering 5 minoxidil canada have drawn to themselves crowds of patients, and by their life and character have elevated their pro- fession and made a mark in the community. Others have won fame as wise and learned teachers and writers, or as brilliant operators, or through original scientific work, or as ingenious contributions to the practical side of their calling. The name of Dr. John W. Francis would probably be mentioned as most worthy to head the roll. We should add the name of Valentine Mott more readily if he had shown a generous nature in his dealing with Sims. No one can minoxidil 10 price in india deny to this latter a place on the list of New York's immortals ; nor will any hesitate to include the names of Fordyce Barker and .\ustin Flint. When it i8 MEDICAL RECORD. [July I, 1893 comes to selecting from such eminent deceased as Wat- son, Buck, Wood, Delafield, Hamilton, Dalton, Parker, choice is difficult. And perhaps we ought to go back to the last century and not ignore the rights of Peter King, Samuel Bard, and others of those times. Perhaps, after all, we should adopt a stricter rule of selection and name for perpetual remembrance only those who by their orig- inality, industry, and inventive genius added something which was a manifest help to the profession in under- standing, recognizing, or treating disease. Dr. Caleb Green, of Homer, N. Y., died suddenly, Wednesday, May loth, of valvular heart disease, aged seventy-three. Dr. Green was graduated from Gen- eva Medical College in 1844, and was afterward Pro- fessor of Physiology and Pathology in that institution. He was engaged in a large practice in Homer for nearly forty-five years, retiring from active work about five years ago, but kept abreast of the medical progress and litera- ture of the day till the moment of his death. Dr. Green was one minoxidil costo peru of the early members of the American Medical Association, minoxidil spray price in pakistan New York State Medical Society, New York State Medical Association (of which latter he was its first Recording Secretary), was one of the founders of the Cen- tral New York Medical Association, and Secretary for many years, and several times President of the Cortland County Medical Society. Dr. Green was a great lover of natural history, and was at different minoxidil price south africa times a member of the American Association for Advancement of Science, the American Society of Microscopists, and other scien- tific societies. He was one of the three delegates from the New York State Medical Society to the National Con- vention for Revising the Pharmacopoeia in 1860-70, and 1880. American Association of Genito-TJrinary Svu'geons. — At a meeting of this Association, held at Harrogate, Tenn., June 20 and 21, 1893, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Dr. George Chismore, of San Francisco ; Vice-President, Dr. L. Bolton Bangs, of New York ; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. John A. Fordyce, of New York ; Member of Council at Large, Dr. R. W. Taylor, of New York. Pan American Medical Congress. Section of Gynecol- ogy and Abdominal Surgery. — All members of the med- ical profession are cordially invited to attend the meet- ings of this Section to be held in Washington, September 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th. The sessions promise to be ex- ceptionally interesting, many valuable papers having been contributed. Those who may wish to read papers be- fore this Section, and who have not yet sent in their titles and skeleton abstracts, are requested to do so at once. Papers have already been contributed by a number of distinguished gentlemen from the United States and Canada. W. W. Potter, Executive President ; Brooks H. Wells, 71 West Forty-fifth St., New York City, English-speaking Secretary. American Electro - Therapeutic Association. — The third annual meeting of the American Electro-Therapeu- tic Association will be held in Chicago, September 12, 13, and 14, 1893, at Apollo Hall, Central Music Hall Block. Members of the medical profession interested in electro-therapeutics are cordially invited to attend. Dr. Augustin H. Goelet, President: Dr. Margaret A. Cleaves, Secretary, 68 Madison Avenue, New York. Professor Charles Felix Michael Peter died in Paris on June 15th, aged sixty-nine years. He was Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Paris Faculty, and had long been one of the most eloquent and popular of the Faculty. He was a pupil of Trousseau's and edited the last edition of that great clinician's work. Advice to Medical Emigrants. — A correspondent, who signs himself '■ Ship Surgeon," favors us with a few hints which may probably be useful to those of our read- ers who may be contemplating a sojourn more or less pro- longed in one or other of our colonies or in the United States. In the course of his experience the writer met with many medical men who were anxious " to take the ship home for me " — in other words, they wished to re- turn to England, but had not the means to do so. The Cape appears to be much overdone, and in South Africa generally there is a large number of German surgeons. Canada and the United States seem to be not bad places for the medical emigrant if he will go up country. The clientele is not numerous, but the fees seem to be good. Australia, though at present commercially depressed, af- fords favorable openings, but the large towns should be avoided. New Zealand, some parts of it at least, offers good chances of profitable work, especially in South Isl- and. On the whole our correspondent has not a very favorable testimony to offer in behalf of practice far a- field or at the Antipodes, and is inclined to take the chances which remain for him at home. — The Lancet. The Cholera. — Reports from Mecca show that the cholera is raging to an almost unparalleled extent, even for that hot-bed of epidemic disease, S30 deaths having occurred there in the four days ending June 20th, 445 on Sunday, June 25th, and only one less than a thousand on Monday last. This is the largest number rejiorted dur- ing the present epidemic, but there is no reason why it should not be exceeded except that the material for the disease to work upon must become exhausted in the course o'f time, notwithstanding the fact that the pilgrim- age to Mecca is very large this year. The latest advices from Russia indicate that the disease is diminishing in that empire. There can be little doubt, however, that cholera prevails to a considerable extent throughout France, although the authorities are pursuing the foolish, if not criminal, course of attempting to conceal the ex- tent of its ravages. Cases are reported from coast towns in both the northern and the southern portions of the country, and the fact that the authorities in Montpellier and elsewhere are voting large sums for the building of temporary lazarettoes for the reception of cholera patients bears witness to the jjrevalence of the disease in those places. Cases are reported from ,\lais, Nantes, Toulon, Hyeres, and Cette, and the disease exists also in Malta and Cephalonia in the Mediterranean, and in Catalonia, Spain. The reports from Hamburg are more cheering, no new cases having occurred there during the week end- ing June 23d. Dartmouth Medical College. — The annual opening address will minoxidil costo be delivered this year by Dr. C. L. Dana, of New York, on July 13th. July I, 1893] MEDICAL RECORD. 19 Harvard Medical School Association.— The annual already reported a case in point. It seems to me to be meeting and dinner of the Association was held on June a very demonstrative confirmation of the theory that ex- 27th. ophthalmic goitre is due to a toxine which stands in some relation to the thyroid gland. I wish, in conclu- Columbia CoUege.— At the one hundred and thirty- ^.^^^ ^^ ^^^, ^^,^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ particular form of treat- ninth Commencement of Columbia College, held at the ^^^'^^ ^^^^ j ^^^,^ referred to it with some hesitation, Carnegie Music Hall on June 14th, the degree of M.D. ^^^.^^ ^^ ^^^ decidedly bad odor attached to these was conferred by President Low on 104 graduates of the j^^g^j^^^^jg ^hey have been utilized in the most sensa- Medical Department of the order kirkland minoxidil online College of Physicians and ^.^^^^ ^^,^y ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ nought newspaper noto- Surgeon.s of New York. ^j^^^^^ ^^^^ reports have been made with regard to them Local Ansesthesia.— Hacker, in his lectures, quoted which have been sensational and exaggerated. Never- from Schleich, at the last Surgical Congress, on the " so- theless, 1 am so minoxidil costo mexico firm a believer in the rationality of this called infiltrationanssthesia," remarking that this was buy cheap minoxidil online line of therapeutical investigation, that I am willing to a very plausible theory whereon a reasonable explanation brave some misunderstandings in connection with the could be advanced in favor of many local applications use of such preparations. There is no more reason to for surgical operation. Common salt, when thrown into doubt that there should buy minoxidil shampoo be therapeutical properties in theintercellular tissue, will produce such a diffuse effusion extracts obtained from animal organs; than that there that any kind of cutting may be undertaken without pain. should be such from vegetable organs. We might minoxidil 2 costo just This preparation (in a 0.2 per cent, solution) with a minoxidil 5 costo very as reasonably expect good therapeutical properties from small quantity of cocaine will make an minoxidil price in hyderabad excellent anss- the extract of a gland as from the extract of a root or a thetic, and one that minoxidil costo argentina Hacker frequently uses, in the form leaf or a bean. The remarkable results obtained from Qf the use of the thyroid gland in myxcedema is of itself B. Aquae destill : loo abundant justification of this position." Cocaine o. I Chlornatrium salt o. 2 Montcfiore Hospital. — Ground has just been broken ^- for the new Montefiore Hospital, adjacent to the Monte- Injections with this solution must be used several times flQ^g Home for Chronic Invalids, and designed to en- to produce the necessary oedema, after which a painless j^rge the field of work of that admirable institution. The operation may be undertaken. If the insertion of the ^gw hospital will be four stories high. The entire build- needle is to be made painless, it may be previously dusted jno- is to be devoted to hospital uses except a portion of with ethylchloride. minoxidil cheapest uk — Aledical Press. the first story, which will be occupied by a synagogue, Faith Cure in Diphtheria.— A little girl in this city the Montefiore Home and Hospital being supported en- was attacked with diphtheria. She received no medical tirely by the contributions of Hebrews. The growth of attendance, but was treated by a faith-cure preacher, this institution has been remarkable. A two-story frame The patient died, and an investigation has been instituted building at Eighty-fourth Street and Avenue A, devoted to determine the responsibility of the parties. to the care of those affected with incurable diseases, con- stituted its humble original quarters. For some time The Therapeutical Value of Animal Extracts.-In an ^^^^^^^,^ ^^^^^ ^^^j^^^^ . ^^, ^^^^^ ^^^ ^p^.io^

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